The Star-Spangled Man

by wfgodbold

Captain America!

Marvel’s iconic patriotic war-hero super-soldier’s film reboot is quite a ride. We see his origins as a 90-lb weakling (thanks to the miracle of CG; it’s odd looking, but not quite in the uncanny valley), and then his service during WWII, fighting against the villain Red Skull.

Once the origin business is out of the way, the film does pretty well. Steve Rogers becomes a great hero without actually trying to be heroic; he’s just doing what needs to be done.

I thought it was pretty good; even given the slower pacing at the beginning, the latter 3/4 of the film deliver. I’d put it not quite on par with the first Iron Man movie (which set the bar for modern comic book adaptations (of the non uber-serious Batman variety, anyway)).

Oh, be sure you stick around through the end of the credits; like all recent Marvel films, there’s a stinger.

In this case, the stinger is a trailer for The Avengers.


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