Kamikaze Guy (特攻野郎)

by wfgodbold

I know I’ve posted music from Full Metal Panic before, but I couldn’t resist posting this track.

Nowhere is the A-Team’s influence on Full Metal Panic made more blatant than in the following fanfare. Hell, the A-Team was broadcast in Japan under the title “Kamikaze Guy A-Team;” the track title makes the homage plain.

Translation note: While kamikaze is written 神風、the tokkou in the title literally means “special attack.” The pilots we refer to as kamikaze were all members of the tokubetsu kougekitai (特別攻撃隊、or literally the special attack squad), which was abbreviated totokkoutai. So while it might not literally say kamikaze in the title, that’s what it refers to.


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