Fateful Night (運命の夜)

by wfgodbold

Fate/stay night, in addition to the TV anime adaptation (which borrowed from all three routes in the game, though mainly stuck to the Fate route (Saber’s)), had a big screen anime adaptation as well: Unlimited Blade Works.

Instead of focusing on Saber (protagonist Shirou’s summoned servant), the main thrust of the UBW adaptation is Archer, Rin’s summoned servant. Anyone who has played through the Unlimited Blade Works scenario in the visual novel already knows what’s going to happen, and since the movie is made for those very fans, Studio Deen chose to abandon most of the exposition in favor of fitting in all of the fight scenes.

If you’re familiar with what’s going on, you’ll probably love it; the fight scenes in the game were just described, with music and effects played and still pictures for the background. In the movie, they come to life.


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