Inform the Truth 2004

by wfgodbold

I finished playing the third Phoenix Wright game over the weekend (Trials and Tribulations); it’s the final entry in the series that stars Phoenix Wright himself (the fourth game stars Apollo Justice, and two more games feature Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor).

This game delves more into the story of the Fey clan of spirit mediums, and even features a flashback case or two from Mia Fey’s point of view (she’s Phoenix’s attorney mentor, and elder sister of his plucky sidekick, Maya). It ties up (rather neatly) plot points from the previous two games, and does a good job bringing Phoenix’s story to a close (or does it?!).

The following track plays when Phoenix has finally figured out the identity of the real killer, and can actually prove it. As he explains what really happened to the prosecutor and the judge, he’s accompanied by triumphant background music.


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