You say it was a “botched” operation…

by wfgodbold

But as far as I can tell, the only “botched” thing about Operation Fast and Furious is that it became public.

So far ~122 guns of the more than 2000 “walked” into Mexico have turned up at crime scenes. Maybe the part of the operation that is “botched” is that the cartels actually used the guns instead of just calling the ATF to say, “Hey, we got those guns. You can start tracking them now.”

According to the above Reuters article, ” The Justice Department said that the ATF was not aware of the majority of those gun sales when they occurred.” I find that hard to believe, since we already know that the feds watched many of the sales on closed-circuit camera while they took place.

It’s getting to the point where Eric Holder can’t claim ignorance without looking like he’s beyond incompetent; if the ATF and the FBI were involved, and neither of them bothered informing their boss about the shady shit going down, then he ought to be fired for not keeping tabs on the agencies he’s responsible for. If he did know what was going on, then he ought to be fired not only for breaking the laws he’s supposed to enforce, but also trying to cover it up.

Robb pointed that out last week in his open letter to Eric Holder. The idea that Holder will fall on his sword is naive, though; if it comes down to it, I think he’ll roll over and implicate whoever he can instead of taking responsibility himself.


2 Comments to “You say it was a “botched” operation…”

  1. Holder is nothing if not a product of his boss’ administration, and thus I would actually lay semi-decent money that the notion of accepting responsibility for either allowing this frak-up to happen, or not being aware of the frak-up, has simply not occurred to him, nor will it probably ever. There will be denial, there will be obfuscation, and there will be finger-pointing, but if his boss cannot man-up, stand, and take the blame for anything he does, do you really think this little weenie will?

    (Also, your RSS feed has mysteriously turned into a partial-feed monstrosity… please fix?)

    • I think I fixed it. I was fiddling with options and changed something to see what it did. If it’s not back to normal, let me know.

      I get the feeling the proverbial buck will only stop once there’s no longer anyone else to pass it to. If anyone can get rid of responsibility, they will, whether it was actually their responsibility or not.

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