The plot thickens…

by wfgodbold

Apparently the White House did know about Fast and Furious. The ATF special agent in charge of the Phoenix office told the National Security Director for North America about the operation because,

“He was asking about the impact of Project Gunrunner to brief people in preparation for a trip to Mexico… what we were doing to combat firearms trafficking and other issues.”

Obviously Operation Fast and Furious only falls under that umbrella in the loosest definition of “combat firearms trafficking” you can come up with; as we’ve seen in the past couple of months, the ATF was more enabling firearms trafficking than actually combatting it. Hell, they were even letting convicted felons buy guns as part of this “program.”

And now Congress’s report has accused the ATF of arming Mexican cartels for war. When guns you allow to be sold to known straw purchasers take less than 24 hours to get from the point of sale to the scene of the crime, then your lame attempt to “combat firearms trafficking” isn’t working at all.

Heads are going to roll because of this. For many Mexicans and Americans living near the border, they already have.

2 Comments to “The plot thickens…”

  1. If I were the conspiracy theory type, I would be pretty firmly convinced that Our Glorious President was not only entirely aware of this debacle, but probably the motive force behind it as well… He kept alluding to “under the radar” gun control, and working on something that would show up in his second term, so either he has gotten really good at playing close to the vest (And, really, Obama? Yeah right.) or the balloon went up a little early… and under fire.

    Do I think anything would come of his being complicit? Of course not. But it surely would be nice to know.

    • I’m inclined to believe that Obama wasn’t privy to any of the specifics beyond telling people, “Go do some gun control thing under the radar,” since he seems to prefer grand sweeping proclamations to actual concrete proposals.

      Kind of like how he was all gung-ho for health care reform and then dumped the entire process in Pelosi and Reid’s laps.

      It fits his M.O., but without an investigation, we’ll probably never know for sure. Even with an investigation, I imagine the paper trail is going to be hell to get through; there’s no potential for GOP embarrassment like there was with Palin’s emails, so I don’t see the press trying to crowdsource it.

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