John Stossel goes (almost) full libertarian on the budget…

by wfgodbold

And cuts so much you’d think he was emo. Entire departments get the axe, and by the end, he’s cut enough to get a $237 billion surplus.

That’s impressive enough; even if we cut that deeply, given the current debt situation, it would take more than sixty years to pay off the debt.

It’s a moot point, I suppose. No one in Washington is willing to cut enough to make a difference, and given baseline budgeting, any “cuts” are actually just reductions in the amount of increase.

Jerry Pournelle pointed out a couple days ago that because of how budget “cuts” are calculated, we could freeze spending at current levels for the next ten years and then claim that we “cut” $9.5 trillion.

Douglas Adams was wrong; bistromathics is kids’ play compared to bureaumathics.


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