The things we do for a chance at a free iPad (twitter spam incoming!)

by wfgodbold

I start law school three weeks from Monday (orientation is two weeks from Monday), and the incoming students were told that if they made introductory videos and posted them to youtube, one person would be selected to win a free iPad.

The deadline was today, so I figured I might as well record something and send it in; if I win, I’ve got an iPad, and if I lose, I’m no worse off than I was before (aside from my gibbering inanity being even more visible on the interwebs).

Without further ado:


2 Comments to “The things we do for a chance at a free iPad (twitter spam incoming!)”

  1. Excited?

    Also, when are we going to see the next chapter?

    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to classes starting. Even if I am a bit nervous. The internet is full of law school horror stories, after all.

      I’m still working on Knight Heirrant, don’t worry. I’ve changed enough already that I’m having to keep better track of what’s changed between versions.

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