Fear the zombie squid!

by wfgodbold

Via Google+, I discovered the Japanese dish known as odori-don (dancing bowl), in which a freshly killed squid is served over rice. When soy sauce is poured over the squid, the barely dead cells react to the electrical charge in … interesting ways:


5 Responses to “Fear the zombie squid!”

  1. Have a similarly creepy thing in the lab. We were harvesting fixed brains, and the best way to fix a brain is to simply replace the animal’s blood supply with formalin. Pretty creepy stuff in general as we knock the critter out with a massive dose of ketamine, and simply put a cannula in the upstream side of the heart, and cut a hole in the downstream side.

    As the formalin fixes the muscles they twitch in an eerily coordinated way. They call it the “Formalin Dance” and its generally looked for as a sign that your profusion was done correctly. Also as the animal’s blood is replaced by clear liquid they turn ghost white as they dance away….

  2. If someone tried to serve that to me, my reaction… might not be what they expected.


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