Looks like Logan’s Run with a loophole…

by wfgodbold

In Time, a movie that comes out later this year starring Neil Cafferty, the Scarecrow, Leonard, Thirteen, and Justin Timberlake, looks like an interesting take on a cashless society in the future. At 25 years old, everyone stops aging and is given one year to live; they keep track of their remaining time via an implanted digital countdown clock in their forearm.

When it hits zero, they die. If they manage to add more time, they live. In this future, time is the new currency; a cup of coffee might cost 3 minutes, and if you can amass enough time, you can live for hundreds of years. Obviously, only the very rich get to do so.

It looks like an interesting take on the whole problem of solving aging and what we would do with the ever-increasing number of undying people. I might see it in theaters when it comes out at the end of October.


4 Comments to “Looks like Logan’s Run with a loophole…”

  1. Saw the preview… got the niggling suspicion it is going to be a blatant condemnation of capitalism, in every shape and form. After all, it has been a long-standing tenet of collectivists that capitalism does directly kill people, so why not make the message more… direct?

    • It might be okay. The director is the same guy who did Gattaca, and I liked it.

      From the trailer, though, the time cops (they really should have cast van Damme instead of Cillian Murphy) are more pissed that Neil Cafferty gave his time away than anything else.

      I suppose pretending capitalists are never charitable would be par for the course for an anti-capitalist polemic, but I’m going to remain slightly optimistic. If it gets mediocre reviews, I’ll just wait for it to hit Netflix streaming.

  2. Hey, at least it’s an ORIGINAL PREMISE instead of a remake or a sequel or a prequel. Looks interesting.

    • No kidding. Even if it didn’t look interesting, that would almost make it worth watching.

      If we don’t go see original movies that look good, they’ll stop making them (just like if we stop seeing awful movies, they’ll stop making them; and a world without laughably bad movies would be a sad one, indeed).

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