Crises of Fate

by wfgodbold

I finished up the first Ace Attorney Investigations game this weekend; instead of controlling Phoenix Wright and attempting to prove your client’s innocence, you control Miles Edgeworth (who is accompanied by various sidekicks, depending on which case you’re on) as he investigates crime scenes and deduces who the real criminal is.

As in the Phoenix Wright games, the five cases end up being related, even if at first glance they don’t appear to be. Lots of characters from the Phoenix games make appearances, including Dick Gumshoe and Franziska von Karma (I’d mention more, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise).

The logic puzzles are mostly solvable, though I did get stuck a few times; presenting the wrong evidence during testimony still reduces your health, and if you reduce it to zero, Miles fails to solve the case.

I’m not sure if the second Miles Edgeworth game is ever going to cross the Pacific; it came out in February of this year, and according to Capcom, there are currently no plans to release it outside Japan.

Fortunately, it’s a DS game and not a 3DS game; if I choose to, I can import it and play it on my US region DS.

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