No Diablo III gamer is an island

by wfgodbold

Blizzard’s sequel to their smash-hit Diablo series is going to require an always-on internet connection, even for single player.

That’s fine most of the time, but for people who are often in locations where they don’t have a persistent connection (like if you want to play on a plane), you’re going to have to play something else.

I am intrigued by the idea of cash-based auction houses. I guess their experience with Diablo II and WoW taught them that people are going to figure out how to spend real money on stuff, so Blizzard might as well sanction it and get a cut. The beta review makes it sound like they’ve done a good job, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

To paraphrase Ian Malcom, “The market finds a way.”

4 Comments to “No Diablo III gamer is an island”

  1. WOW That seems so stupid! As you probably know I play Diablo’s Great-Grandfather, Nethack. Now I play on a public server, and that’s where I prefer to play the game, but I still have a copy on my computer, as well as my phone because sometimes we don’t have internet, but I still want to play Nethack!

    • Yeah. You expect that kind of thing with WoW, since it’s an MMO.

      Blizzard started down this road with Starcraft II and its authorization, but you could still play the single-player campaign offline; you just had to log in once a month or so to prove you hadn’t copied the game. A bit of a hassle, but once a month isn’t that bad.

      This is ridiculous, though. I imagine a big part of it is DRM and fighting piracy, no matter what rationalization Blizzard tries to spin it with.

  2. Yup, deal me out. Blizzard has been getting increasingly retarded over the years, and this might just be the last straw… Between travel, ISPs starting to throttle your bandwidth, multiple people using a connection, and just the sheer stupidity of having to have your machine hooked to the ‘tubes while playing single-player, I think I am going to have to pass on D3 for the time being.

    Which will not be hard, since I do not even have a copy of SC2 yet. Details…

    • Hopefully Torchlight 2 won’t pull any of these shenanigans. The first Torchlight was pretty much a Diablo clone but with WoW-style cartoonish art (and IIRC it was developed by the main D2 dev team that left Blizzard); all it lacked was multiplayer.

      Torchlight 2, on the other hand, will have multiplayer, and if they can refrain from going full retard, should be awesome.

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