Hey buddy, want to buy a textbook?

by wfgodbold

“You buy it used from me, and it’ll only run you $50 per book instead of the $160 they cost new. They’re required for your classes, you know, and if you buy all new books, you’ll be out almost a grand.”

“Sure, it might be the previous edition, or a bit ragged, but think of the money you’ll save!”

Either inflation has kicked into higher gear, or law textbooks are overpriced even compared to graduate level chemical engineering textbooks. This is insane. I haven’t seen any ebook editions, either.

And why would the authors be that stupid? Sell ebooks for $10, or hardbacks for $160; they’re not going to sell any more at the lower price point; Joe Schmoe doesn’t buy “Tort and Injury Law” for recreational reading.

You only need one kidney to live, right?


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