Apparently we on the right never criticize the police

by wfgodbold

And reserve our ire for teachers, instead.

Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC said:

The worst teacher in America could never do as much damage as the worst police officer in America. But the right wing has never even been slightly curious about evaluating the job performance of police officers. Never once has Republican world said hey, maybe we should look into how police officers are carrying out their solemn public responsibility to serve and protect.

No — no right wing website in America is investigating or will ever investigate how well police officers do their jobs. [emphasis added at Reason]

That’s news to me. And it would be news to the people writing at Reason, to Radley Balko, and to the many gunbloggers out there who keep posting about the crazy shit cops get away with.

And that would certainly be news to everyone looking in to Fast and Furious. Hell, the only people interested in investigating the ATF (or do they not count as cops?) are on the right.

Is this that epistemic closure thing I keep hearing about?

6 Comments to “Apparently we on the right never criticize the police”

  1. I’m still chuckling from MSNBC calling Reason “right-wing”.

    Uh, okay…

  2. Crap on a crutch… more often than not, I am discouraged at how much right-wingers criticize the police…

    • If the police would police themselves and get rid of the bad cops instead of hewing to the thin blue line, I’d be more inclined to defend them; but when the police crack down on any attempt at non-police oversight and accountability (like with the war on photography), I don’t have much sympathy for them.

      • Oh, I am certainly not saying that none of them deserve the criticism, but I do sometimes get the feeling that some folks are a little… overzealous… in their broad-spectrum castigation.

        Guess that just makes me a right-winger, though… 😉

      • Well, there are a lot more of us than there are of them. I imagine part of the overzealousness comes from the lack of punishment the bad cops suffer, even when they’re clearly breaking the law. If all they get is a slap on the wrists for shenanigans that would send the rest of us to jail, that’s not going to build any goodwill.

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