It’s a good thing I fly very infrequently

by wfgodbold

Because if the TSA tries to go Israeli-style profiling on me while I’m at the airport

Well, let’s just say I’ll probably be insufficiently deferential to their authoritah. Who knows? I might even insult some government employees!

The problem with Israeli profiling is that it doesn’t scale. It works in Israel because it’s a small country and has a limited number of travelers to screen; the US is far larger, and has many times more people to screen.

That, and the Israeli profilers are presumably intelligent, and not recruited via pizza box ads.

Besides, I don’t see the TSA giving up on their current methods to adopt the new ones; instead of profiling in lieu of invasive searches, we’ll get both.


2 Comments to “It’s a good thing I fly very infrequently”

  1. I would guess that the Israeli profilers also get more than four days of training and 24 hours of “on-the-job experience” (whatever that means).

    It’s just one more excuse they’ll be able to use to molest travelers, that’s all. Another tool to expand their power.

    • Ya think?

      They’ll never give up that power once they’ve got it, either. Prepare for state-mandated interviews with union thugs prior to your state-mandated molestation by union thugs, all for the privilege of timely travel. If profiling increases the lead time on flights by a couple hours, that’s just going make people more willing to drive longer distances instead of flying.

      Besides, if you drive, you don’t have to mess with renting a car once you’ve arrived!

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