One part Valkyrie Profile, one part Bamco, and one part anime…

by wfgodbold

And you get Heroes Phantasia (at this point I think the Japanese aren’t being hip, but instead just don’t know how to spell fantasia…), a crossover anime RPG where your party is comprised of four characters, each mapped to one of the four controller buttons.

It’s going to be ridiculous. And awesome. And I can’t wait.

The characters will be drawn from at least these ten series: Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Read or Die, Sgt. Frog, Blood+, Rune Soldier Louie, Scryed, Mai-Hime, Slayers Revolution, Darker than Black, and Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor.

And it’s going to control like Valkyrie Profile, one of my all-time favorite games. If I can’t get a true sequel to Valkryie Profile: Silmeria (VP: Hrist, where are you?), this will make a worthy substitute.

FFS, it’s Super Robot Wars without the robots and in an RPG! What’s not to like!

Click through for more screens!

2 Comments to “One part Valkyrie Profile, one part Bamco, and one part anime…”

  1. “If I can’t get a true sequel to Valkryie Profile: Silmeria (VP: Hrist, where are you?), this will make a worthy substitute.” OMG! I agree. since VP2: Silmeria’s end I was always wondering where is a VP about Hrist, she is the coolest Valkyria. I think both VP1 (Lenneth) and VP2 leave us clues about another title, like Lezard reading a book in an alternate ending.

    Ok, excuse me ^^” it wasn’t the main post, about Heroes Phantasia I too like the battle system which remember Valkyrie Profile, even though you can change them ’till 16 characters, I want this game just for My Hime, Slayers R, R.o.D. and Kekoro. I saw few videos on youtube since this game went out, bs look much interesting, like battle thame chaning to that character anime’s opening when you use a special move)

    • Lenneth could feature in another VP game, too, since the only Valkyries in VP 2 from the past were Silmeria and Hrist, and Lenneth was from the VP 1 future. The past’s Lenneth was probably hidden in a mortal like she was at the start of VP 1.

      I was really disappointed when the sidestory VP DS game came out, since it wasn’t a real sequel. It was still pretty good, but it doesn’t seem like it should be called Valkyrie Profile when the main character isn’t even a Valkyrie.

      Heroes Phantasia looks fun, but I’ll probably let it drop in price before getting the PSN release. From some of the reviews on, it looks like the battle system is deeper than VP’s, even though it is similar. If there’s a demo on the PSN, I’ll download it and give it a try.

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