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Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – Ken of Popehat

by wfgodbold

While I was content to rail against Tennessee State Rep. Joe Armstrong from my little corner of the internets, Ken, via email, took the fight directly to the man himself (from the comments to his initial post on Armstrong’s idiocy):

Congratulations on your recent success in the struggle against defamatory novelty candy items. Please bear in mind that the struggle has just begun. Somewhere, out there, are libelous lollypops, slanderous suckers, and a whole host of contemptuous confections. Other people are wound up in things like “the rule of law” and “expressions of opinion can’t as a matter of law be defamatory; any idiot knows that” and “Jesus, grow a thicker skin, you loser”, but I know that you are above such trifles.

I also appreciate your willingness to support emotionally disturbed university students.

Go! Go! For the good of the state! You are the bulwark between mean candy and politicians.

Ken, I salute you!

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Bad Apple!!

by wfgodbold

Today’s selection is from Lotus Land Story, the fourth game in the Touhou Project series of doujin shoot’em ups. Unlike Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, which was a fighting game, Lotus Land Story is a true bullet-hell shoot’em up.

I came across these videos while bumming around various anime and game sites, and these remixes (or, in the second video’s case, arrangement) are widely considered to be some of the best Touhou Project music out there. The video accompanying the first remix is impressive:

But that wasn’t good enough for Japan; they had to go and take this video game music and rearrange it for traditional Japanese instruments (shakuhachi, shamisen, koto, and drums):

Sure, it’s no insane pop star vomiting rainbows and making you wish you were high, but still…

I love Japan.


Proof that the government can always outperform even the most cynical of projections…

by wfgodbold

At the beginning of July, I said:

I look forward to the day when we learn that all organized crime is actually perpetrated by various undercover agents infiltrating each others’ organizations to get to the bottom of organized crime.

And now it turns out that I was right?*

Via Say Uncle:

U.S. federal agents allegedly allowed the Sinaloa drug cartel to traffic several tons of cocaine into the United States in exchange for information about rival cartels, according to court documents filed in a U.S. federal court.

This is insane. Why do we pay these idiots?

*I mean, of course I was right! I’m always right!

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