A Gun in Each Hand (両手に銃)

by wfgodbold

Back before Gonzo’s decline, delisting, and restructuring (brought on by too much pandering and not enough quality, I think), one of their original properties was the show Burst Angel.

Set not too far in the future in Tokyo, the series follows the adventures of a gutless chef and the four-woman band of mercenaries he’s hired on with. In this future Japan, crime has increased to the point where the Japanese government had to relent and allow citizens to arm themselves; they also changed the ROE for the police. Instead of arresting criminals, they just shoot them.

Our band of mercs takes on various jobs, executing them in typical flashy anime style, with guns blazing, CG mecha battling, and explosions everywhere. While Gonzo (lately) is more notorious for their fan service, they didn’t go overboard with the pandering in Burst Angel (it’s still there, and it’s still obvious, but it’s not nearly as bad as their works from later years).

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