Final Battle Theme

by wfgodbold

Take a hit slapstick alien invasion anime series and tell Namco Bandai to make an RPG out of it, and what do you get?

Tales of Keroro RPG: The Knight, the Samurai, and the Legendary Pirate!

Sergeant Keroro and his platoon of incompetent froglike alien invaders are thrust into adventure when the old game system Keroro bought crashes, somehow causing the RPG he was playing to crossover into the real world.

What follows is an RPG filled with Tales of series style battles and fetch quests (the predominance of said fetch quests was the only complaint Famitsu had). Namco Bandai never brought the game out over here, and I haven’t played it; I remember reading about it when it was in development, but it wasn’t until I was watching Sgt. Frog on hulu the other day that I remembered it.


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