Main Theme – Side Birdy –

by wfgodbold

Poor Tsutomu Senkawa. There he was, minding his own business exploring some abandoned buildings, when he accidentally wandered into the fight between an alien cop and the alien fugitive she was chasing. Now his body’s been destroyed, and Birdy (the alien cop) is keeping his personality/consciousness in her own head until the Federation has rebuilt his body.

So begins Birdy the Mighty: Decode, and what follows is an interesting look at what it would be like having to live a double life as a human male teenage student and a female alien supercop (who happens to have a cover identity as an up and coming idol).

I’m midway through the second season; the first was pretty good, and so far the second is, too (though she’s chasing more fugitives than before; it still works out to a bad guy of the week style forumulation).


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