Truth in Webcomics

by wfgodbold

Gabe and Tycho have a point:

Especially regarding the tendency of gamers to raise holy hell complaining about all manner of slights and problems, only to buy the game the instant it releases, anyway.

Fortunately, Runic Games is planning on bringing Torchlight II out this year, and presumably you’ll be able to play the single player component without a persistent connection (the first game had no multiplayer, so it wasn’t an issue). Torchlight played almost exactly like Diablo II (in fact, it was created by a bunch of former Diablo II developers who ditched Blizzard to make their own company). Runic’s customer service also blows Blizzard’s out of the water.

Who knows when Blizzard will finish Diablo III? While I’ll be tempted to buy it, I’m going to do my damnedest to at least hold out until it’s discounted. They took what would have been a day one purchase and ruined it (and I say this as someone who’s played Diablo II off and on since its release (which was back in ’00)).


2 Comments to “Truth in Webcomics”

  1. I played D2 quite religiously right up until one of the major updates completely nerfed my little zealadin. Having a few years of effort destroyed in one fell swoop pretty much soured me on the game ever since… 😦

    • Yeah, I had the same thing happen at one point with my Hammerdin. They eventually put in a way to reset your skill points (once per difficulty level, IIRC), but making you completely abandon nerfed characters was stupid.

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