The Mancer’s Dilemma

by wfgodbold

Microsoft has been promoting their Xbox Live Arcade games this summer with what they call the Summer of Arcade; five games released over five weeks.

I’ve only played one of those games: Bastion. You control a silent protagonist referred to by the narrator as “the Kid” after he wakes up following a horrible cataclysm.

What follows is the Kid’s journey to meet everyone, discover what happened, and rebuild the world. Along the way, the narrator comments on what the Kid is doing and what you see on the screen; sometimes he’ll talk about the area, sometimes about NPCs, and depending on how you play, sometimes he’ll comment on the Kid’s actions.

The gameplay is pretty solid, the graphics are nice, the narrator is entertaining, and the music is pretty good; it’s worth the 1200 MS points it costs (especially if you plan on playing it to death; after beating the game, you can start a new game+ to continue).


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