How do you respond to ridiculous arguments?

by wfgodbold

With ridicule, of course.

NRA executive VP Wayne LaPierre brings ridicule in spades in his response to yesterday’s USA Today unsigned editorial on gun control (H/T Say Uncle).

The multiple long gun form is unlawful.

Even if it were lawful, it would probably be just as ineffective as the multiple hand gun purchase form was; the USA Today editorial begins with the story of a man who illegally purchased dozens of guns in AZ for resale in CA for two years before the he was finally caught.

As LaPierre points out:

The cartels run a $40 billion enterprise. They flood our neighborhoods with drugs. They rape and torture and murder. They feed their enemies to lions.

The cartels get their machine guns, grenades, missile launchers and tanks from Russia, China and South America. State Department cables, released byWikiLeaks, prove it. But the administration wants the public to believe that it’s going to disarm cartels with a form? Who is the president kidding?

Read the whole thing.


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