That’s some interesting logic…

by wfgodbold

Fast and Furious was a failure right from the beginning:

Five months into the surveillance effort — dubbed Operation Fast and Furious — no indictments had been announced and no charges were immediately expected. Worse, the weapons had turned up at crime scenes in Mexico and the ATF official was worried that someone in the United States could be hurt next.

The LA Times goes on to give a bit of background information on Fast and Furious:

Fast and Furious was a highly secret undercover program begun with great ambition. The border was out of control, and the new Obama administration wanted to stop U.S. guns from crossing into Mexico and arming drug cartels.

We had to arm the cartels in order to disarm the cartels, I guess.

I’m not sure if the article is an indictment of the operation or a cry for more funding for the ATF, especially with their claim that the only reason the ATF failed to track each weapon was because it didn’t have enough resources.

The piece does a pretty good job of highlighting the complete incompetence of the ATF at every step of Fast and Furious, from its conception to its implementation to the inevitable conclusion.

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