The Time of Decisive Battle (決戦の時)

by wfgodbold

As popular as Final Fantasy is, it’s nothing compared to the Dragon Quest series (in Japan, at any rate); in the first two days after its Japanese release, more than 2.1 million copies of Dragon Quest IX had been sold.

The main character is one of the angelic Celestrians, who live in a city in the sky and protect humans from supernatural harm. They are invisible, and by helping humans behind the scenes, they also help the growth of the Yggdrasil. At last, after much work, the Celestrians finally see the result of their endeavors and the Yggdrasil bears fruit; before they can use this fruit to pass into the realm of the Almighty, disaster strikes!

The Space Train that was going to take them to the realm of the Almighty crashes, the fyggs are scattered all over the earth, and the player character falls to earth, in the process losing his/her halo and wings. From here, the player starts on the quest to collect the fyggs, find out what happened, and save the world (of course!).

It’s a pretty good game; the characters are highly customizable, and the Dragon Quest battle system is practically unchanged from previous games (just the way we hidebound reactionaries like it).

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