Here’s hoping Sony takes this survey seriously

by wfgodbold

Because a UMD drive peripheral for the NGP PS Vita would be the best news regarding their new handheld console since we first heard it would be region free.

Ideally such a drive would let you copy the UMD to the PSV’s onboard storage, but even being required to play with a dongle of some sort would be better than all your PSP games only being playable on your PSP (aside from whatever PSN purchases you’ve made).

The PSV is perfectly capable of playing PSP games; Sony has already announced that it will be able to play games downloaded via the PSN; since not all games are available on the PSN, this would kill two birds with one stone: the PSV would be completely backwards compatible, and gamers wouldn’t have to rebuy any games they’d previously bought to play them on the PSV.

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