Underground Shrine (地下神殿)

by wfgodbold

Record of Lodoss War didn’t start off as the novel series its anime adaptations were based on; those novels were based on actual role-playing sessions the author and some of his friends took part in (using the Sword World RPG system).

The series follows the adventures of Parn (who begins as an unskilled teenager, but eventually becomes a strong knight) and his stereotypical band of adventurers (really; he’s accompanied by a thief, a dwarven warrior, a priest, a mage, and a high elven shaman) as they face off against the forces of Kardis (the goddess of destruction) and the Grey Witch (who has been manipulating the politics of Lodoss Island for generations).

Ryo Mizuno, the original author, eventually spun off a separate series in the same world as Lodoss (Rune Soldier), set on the main continent instead of the cursed island. It’s more tongue in cheek than Record of Lodoss War is, but is still entertaining.

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