Layton’s Theme

by wfgodbold

As ATLUS learned when they published Catherine, the key to making a successful puzzle franchise is a plot of some sort. Level 5 already knew this; their Professor Layton series (which began with Professor Layton and the Curious Village) has five complete stand-alone games, an animated film, and a crossover game with the Ace Attorney series (still in development), and they’re working on a sixth game even now.

I’ve not yet played the series, but it’s been well reviewed (and thanks to the weekly Amazon deal, the first game is on the way for ~$13); given Tycho’s propensity for language (and not math), I’m inclined to take Penny Arcade’s Layton-inspired strip as a recommendation. Since it sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide, I’m sure it’ll be worth $13.

Hell, I paid half that to watch Dylan Dog*, and it was only two hours long (though it did seem much, much longer). Paying twice that for 138 puzzles is a bargain!

*I’m pretty sure I caught it for the 24 hours it was in theaters. It was so bad they didn’t even show trailers before it; I assume no other studios wanted their films associated with it.

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