I don’t think the Krugman understands the disadvantages inherent in living at the bottom of a gravity well

by wfgodbold

As a Keynesian, the Paul Krugman pretty much has to parrot their view that WW2 is what ended the Great Depression.

His recent interview with Fareed Zakaria goes way off the rails, though, when they start speculating that a (fake) alien invasion would be just the ticket for creating jobs and ending the current recession.

Even if war was the answer (and here for the last (nearly) ten years, we’ve been repeatedly told that war is expensive and doesn’t solve anything), we’d be sitting ducks if aliens attacked.

We’re at the bottom of a giant space hole. All aliens would have to do is drag asteroids over (or just mine giant chunks out of the moon) and drop them on us, and we’d be helpless while our cities were turned into craters.

Any aliens that could cross interstellar distances to attack us would surely be capable of that.

So, if we do have an alien invasion, head for the hills! Avoid population centers! congregate in cities! They’re certainly benevolent and would probably teach us the secrets of space travel!

They might even know how to serve man!

If we want to survive the (inevitable) alien invasion, we’ve got to get off this ball of dirt and head elsewhere. Luna, Mars, space stations, whatever; we can’t have all our eggs in one basket waiting for the eventual extinction event to drop out of the sky and take us out.


3 Responses to “I don’t think the Krugman understands the disadvantages inherent in living at the bottom of a gravity well”

  1. Arguably, if aliens expressed interest in our little backwater hole in the wall, they would want something they could not extract from any of the other planets in our solar system, which would lead one to believe that they would probably do their best to keep the globe relatively intact and water mostly unvaporized.

    Surgical hypervelocity strikes on military bases and population centers? Yeah, probably. Global asteroid-dropping? Probably not.

    Unless, of course, we are just used as a military training grounds, in which case all proverbial bets are off :).

    • Of course, the aliens might prefer to vaporize the oceans for more cloud cover; terraforming and bombardment in one easy step!

      Or they might want to get at the earth’s delicious chewy molten metal core, and send a minor moon crashing into us.

      Iapetus, perhaps.

      Obviously, I don’t read near enough SF.


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