Love is Destiny, Destiny is Paper (愛はさだめ、さだめは紙)

by wfgodbold

A couple years after the Read or Die OVA was released, Aniplex animated a full-length TV series (called, appropriately enough, R.O.D -The TV-). Set several years after the events of the OVA, the TV series focuses on a group of three sisters (known as the Paper Sisters), who run a detective agency in Hong Kong.

Maggie, Anita, and Michelle (named for Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui, and Michelle Yeoh) are all paper-users, just like Yomiko from the original OVA. After some hijinks, they end up moving to Tokyo to work with a shadowy organization, and live with the famous and popular author, Nenene (yes, really) Sumiregawa (who happens to be suffering from writer’s block).

It’s everything the OVA was, with more of it (more angst, too, IIRC it’s not overbearing). It’s a fun show, and the paper-users get to show off their abilities more than Yomiko did.


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