GO! Aestivalis

by wfgodbold

Jovian lizards, attacking from (where else) Jupiter, have taken out the colony on Mars and now set their sights on Earth itself; the only hope humanity has for victory is the Nergal corporation’s brand-new space battleship Nadesico (an homage of sorts to Space Battleship Yamato (a Yamato nadeshiko is the ideal Japanese woman, and the crew of the Nadesico is mostly female)) and the Aestivalis mecha she carries.

So begins Martian Successor Nadesico, the tale of a young man who only wants to be a chef and watch Gekiganger 3, the super robot anime of his youth; instead, he’s forced to pilot the Aestivalis mecha against the attacking Jovians all over the solar system.

It’s a pretty good show (though the romance sub-plots are a bit contrived), and it does a good job of never quite going where you expect it to.


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