If this guy thinks Adult Swim is bad…

by wfgodbold

He should check out the late-night anime in Japan!

If you don’t like the Cartoon Network’s late night programming, then either don’t watch it yourself, make your kids go to bed so they can’t watch it, or don’t subscribe to cable.

Brent Bozell has got the vapors over Robot Chicken because a stop-motion animated character cut off his own head to spite his ex-girlfriend. I’m curious; was Mr. Bozell fine with the rampant violence in Looney Tunes? Or Bugs Bunny’s cross-dressing?

Just because something is animated (whether traditionally, stop-motion, or CG) doesn’t mean it’s for kids. That’s the same argument the nanny statists use when they want to crack down on violent video games, and it’s no more valid in this case than in the other.

Don’t blame Cartoon Network and Adult Swim for your inability to parent.


2 Comments to “If this guy thinks Adult Swim is bad…”

  1. OMG — is there an episode of Robot Chicken I’ve missed?!

    • Don’t ask me; I’ve only seen a couple episodes (if that).

      I don’t really get the faux horror people evince when talking about animated violence; cartoons have always been violent, from Looney Tunes to TMNT to Robot Chicken. I don’t know that an stop-motion action figure chopping off its own head is really worse than Wile E. Coyote blowing himself up with crates of TNT.

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