There’s a Zucker born every minute…

by wfgodbold

And if you’re still an active Facebook user, you’re one of them.

WizardPC pointed out facebook’s Obama-critical thread collapsing a couple weeks ago, and noticed that they also collapse the number of friends who like conservative politicians (a week later).

I was willing to give them a pass on that; if you’ve got a lot of friends, and they all have the same interests (or comment frequently on the same topics), it makes sense to collapse the threads and lists. Just because it looked suspicious didn’t mean there was anything suspicious actually going on.

And then I saw this. Facebook deleted (accidentally, they claim) a post by Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona, in which she criticized Obama’s recent executive order prioritizing illegal alien deportations (which will result in de facto amnesty for many illegal aliens).

I’m not sure it’s not suspicious any more.


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