Preemptive apology for the coming weeks

by wfgodbold

The first day of classes is tomorrow, and due to the assignment load and getting used to the new schedule and way of doing things, I’ll be posting more erratically (read: infrequently).

I’ll still try to get the Daily OST selection up, but if it changes to a Thrice Weekly OST Selection, don’t be surprised.

I’ll try to continue opining on the issues of the day, but I’ll probably end up dropping to posting once or twice a day instead of the three or four times I’ve been posting over the last few months.

On the upside, I’ve still got Twitter; even if I can’t muster the energy (or content) for a full post, I should surely be able to get a measly 140 characters down several times a day.

We’ll see how it goes for now; once I’ve gotten the hang of the way law school works, I’ll probably change things up a bit.

P.S. My copy of Tales of Xillia should arrive around the middle of September; I’ll make time one way or another to play at least part of the way through it, and post my impressions. Even if that means I’ll miss out on precious, precious sleep.

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