A game about politics, guns, and zombies?

by wfgodbold

“Game,” I should say; Tea Party Zombies Must Die is flash “advergame” in which the player shoots zombies with the features of various political opponents of the left.

John McCain (I think), Palin, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and various other Fox News people have all had their features badly transferred to zombie heads, and the player has to kill them all to progress through the game.

In between stages, the player is “awarded” with various talking points relating facts about the Tea Party Zombies, like “91% believe the stimulus legislation lost jobs,” or “72% believe the health care reform law will increase the deficit.”

Even setting aside the blatant propagandizing this “game” was obviously created for, as a game, it’s pretty awful. The controls are bad; it’s a first-person shooter that you control with the arrow keys (to move and turn) and z, x, and c (to change weapons and shoot).

You don’t have to aim up or down (thankfully); the action is all in the same plane (a la the original Wolfenstein 3D games).

Signs are scattered about the levels, some accurate representations of tea party signs (like the Obama as the Joker socialism poster), and others bad parodies.

I gave the game a fair shake and found it wanting; I ended up killing 40 zombies and finally falling to the zombified Fox News Blonde Anchorwoman zombies just outside their breeding pit (Yes. Really.).

I’m not one to discriminate on political views; if you’ve turned into a brain-hungering zombie, you’ll have to die (sorry, that’s just the law of the zombacalypse).

However, if a tea partier, republican, or libertarian had made this game, with various liberal zombies instead of the PC evil right wing zombies we ended up with, there would be much howling and gnashing of teeth on the left. As it is, this will just be shrugged off as “just a game.”

If the game were actually any good, I might’ve been willing to put up with it’s blatant partisan hackery.

It’s not. Don’t waste your time.

H/T: Hot Air and Daniel Foster.


4 Responses to “A game about politics, guns, and zombies?”

  1. Better yet, given that the African American population overall votes “Progressive” as a monolith, if the Conservative Zombie slayer would likely be branded as a Klansman….well because they can.

    Also wasn’t Sarah Palin putting a Bull’s Eye on Tuscon enough for the left and the Media (but I repeat myself) to lay blame for the Tuscon massacre?

    What is this abortion?


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