Sure, it’s probably just genuflection

by wfgodbold

But Mel Gibson doing a Judah Maccabee-inspired film?

It’s probably just to show how much he’s reformed from being a cursing antisemite, but this movie could be awesome. It’s not like this genre is unknown to him…

Braveheart = Scottish rebels with kilts.

The Patriot = Scottish Colonial rebels with powdered wigs.

This new film = Scottish Colonial Jewish rebels with menorahs (menorae?)?

If nothing else, the spectacle and action should be excellent. If this is how Gibson chooses to walk back his contemptible past behavior, that’s fine with me.


2 Comments to “Sure, it’s probably just genuflection”

  1. I will only watch it if they make this the theme song.

    Ok, maybe not, but that would be awesome!

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