It’s not a crime when the government does it!

by wfgodbold

Via NRO:

2 Comments to “It’s not a crime when the government does it!”

  1. There’s an old saying “You can’t cheat an honest man”. Ponzi schemes almost always attract people who get in with at least a suspicion that something underhanded is going on, but they believe that they’re going to be on the winning end.

    Social security STARTED out that way, as the first people into the pyramid do make out ahead of the game, in some of the early cases VERY well. But unlike a Ponzi, Social Security is non voluntary to make sure the the older investors still get their spoils.

    But in the end SOMEBODY is going to have to lose HARD!

    • The longer it goes on, the more likely the youngest people shanghaied into the scheme are going to be really pissed when it does finally come crashing down.

      I could see things getting violent; will youth and skill finally overcome old age and treachery?

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