An Ys IV remake? On the PS Vita?

by wfgodbold

And at/close to the system’s launch?

That’s awesome!

Falcom’s risky decision to publish games on the PSP turned into a brilliant moneymaker for them, and so it makes sense that they’d stick with Sony for the next iteration of the hardware (which is due out in Japan in mid-December).

Ys: Woodland of Celceta is scheduled for release in 2012, as long as it comes out in January or February, that should be close enough to the PS Vita launch date to fall within the window.

Given Xseed’s deals with Falcom, especially in bringing over the PSP Ys remakes (I & II Chronicles, The Oath in Felghana (and the PSP original Ys Seven)), it’s likely that they’ll work out some sort of deal to localize the Ys Seven engine remake of Ys IV.

I’ll post other news I’ve gleaned from this year’s Tokyo Game Show coverage in the next couple days.

Via Siliconera.

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