More TGS: Tales of games and PS Vita news

by wfgodbold

Bamco announced two new games in their popular Tales of series at this years TGS, hot on the heels of the smash-hit Tales of Xillia’s release (in its first week, it became the best-selling Tales of game of all time with ~525,000 copies sold).

The first game is a PSP action game in the style of Dynasty Warriors, called Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave; from the trailer, it looks like you choose pairs of characters from various games and then rampage through hordes of enemies.

The second, Tales of Innocence R, is a reimagining of the original DS game; it’s scheduled for release next year on the PS Vita. I never played the original; I might give the remake a shot, though.

Coupled with the official news that the PS Vita will be region-free* (take that, Nintendo!), it’s looking more and more likely that I’ll get Sony’s new handheld system long before I get the 3DS.

*I should note that I’m not that surprised by this news (though I am glad it’s finally official); when Sony first announced the PS Vita (then merely known as the NGP) in January, I speculated that they would continue their region-free gaming trend. I’m pleased that they’ve continued down the path they started on with the PSP and PS3, and will let any region’s console play any region’s games.


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