Doublethink on both sides…

by wfgodbold

Those on the left seem to love the government and think it can do no wrong, but when the state uses its power to execute someone, they get all up in arms and lose their collective minds.

Those on the right are skeptical of the government (in general), think it rarely does the right thing, and hardly does anything well, but when the state decides to execute someone, they are (mostly) fine with it.

I don’t have any problems with the death penalty per se, but I do think that the state should have to meet a higher burden of proof than in regular cases when seeking it.

I don’t know much about the Troy Davis case; I’m inclined to trust the jury, since that’s what they’re for.

I just found it interesting that in pretty much this sole case, the positions of the parties vis a vis their respect for the government is reversed.


One Comment to “Doublethink on both sides…”

  1. Seems to me there’s a similar reversal on some morality issues: gay marriage and abortion come to mind.

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