Frank Lautenberg was told there would be no math.

by wfgodbold

Though he does a good job of completely freaking out in his opinion piece from this past Sunday:

OUR STREETS are flooded with guns. In a country with just over 300 million people, there are just under 300 million guns in our neighborhoods.

Guns have been used to murder about 100,000 people in the United States over the past 10 years. By comparison, approximately 6,000 American soldiers have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq during that same period.

So first the Honorable Mr. Lautenberg freaks out because there are as many guns in this country as there are people.

And then, in this country literally awash in firearms, he tells us that we’ve had, essentially, less than three people murdered with guns every day for the past ten years (Why should the anti-gunners be the only ones to abuse statistics?).

I’m sure most of those murders are tragedies (I say most because I don’t really give a rat’s ass about gangbangers shooting each other so long as they don’t kill the innocent); I do think it’s despicable that the Honorable Mr. Lautenberg tries to use our war dead to advance his anti-civil rights cause.

Any port in a storm; we can’t possibly let those licensed to carry concealed take advantage of that horrible Full Faith and Credit clause! That would be beyond the pale!

Truly, he is an honorable man.



One Comment to “Frank Lautenberg was told there would be no math.”

  1. I am truly over-educated for my station in life. Even before I clicked on the live link at “Honorable” I was thinking of Mark Anthony and the “Lend me your ears” speech from Julius Caesar.

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