It’s a story we’ve all heard before…

by wfgodbold

There you are, just having bought yourself a brand new vacation home, when a bunch of asshole college kids show up on your property and start killing themselves.

Well, maybe it’s not one we’ve all heard before, but that’s what happens to unfortunate hillbillies Tucker and Dale in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, a hilarious send-up of slasher films that’s finally in limited release here in the states.

It’s bloody and violent, but the violence is (mostly) tongue in cheek, and the blood is ridiculously gratuitous; true to slasher form, most of the unfortunate victims fountain 2-3x the quantity of blood they’d actually have.

Alan Tudyk is great as Tucker (even if he doesn’t play with plastic dinosaurs), and Tyler Labine (who I’ve only seen in the unfortunately canceled Reaper) is hilarious as Dale.

The movie pokes fun at slasher movie tropes without going full retard (like the Scary Movie franchise does). It’s only in limited release at the moment; hopefully it will get a wider release and be available in more mainstream theaters instead of the subpar indies.


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