Battle Hymn (戦歌(いくさうた))

by wfgodbold

Tears to Tiara‘s battle music is excellent; a good thing, too, since the battles last a while. The stage maps are large, and since it’s a turn-based SRPG, you can’t exactly button-mash your way through like you might be able to in FF/Tales/DQ.

If you’re too busy to play through the game yourself (or are handicapped by your inability to understand moonspeak), you can watch the 26-episode anime series based on the game on Hulu. Be warned, though; it’s mostly serious, but they do take refuge in audacity a few times (especially when it comes to Arawn’s relationship with the various girls).

It is interesting to see what the Japanese make of the Mabinogion; they combine it with the Arthurian mythos and end up with a tale all their own.

I highlighted the opening music back in February.


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