To my great shame…

by wfgodbold

Aftermath of our inaugural battle.

I’ve not yet posted regarding my first Dungeons and Dragons experience*. Four of my friends from undergrad and I have used Google+‘s video chat hangout feature twice in the past month to run a couple of D&D games (only the DM and one other friend had played before (at all)).

I was surprised; the game was more like a co-op turn-based strategy game than anything else. We used MapTool (by RPTools) instead of an actual table, and just have to trust that we’re being honest about our dice rolls**.

We’re also using the D&D Essentials books (instead of the “real” 4E books); between those of us who never played, and those of us who hadn’t played in years, it seemed like the best idea.

Our party consists of “Pelt,” an elven rogue with a mysterious past; Seamus Grimesson, “The Wretched Dwarf,” a knight with a taste for rancid ham**** sandwiches; Docke Kilmar, functioning alcoholic and misanthropic human mage; and Helgarrolfinathdon “Helg” Hammerfoot, a dwarven warpriest possessed of heroic patience.

We’re not really taking the role-playing part of the game that seriously (it’s more like the PA D&D podcasts than a serious game); it’s mostly a way for us to hang out for  3-4 hours every couple of weeks in spite of being separated by hundreds of miles.

It’s a good way to spend a few hours (it’s certainly more fun than I’d thought it would be); I can definitely see how it can turn into a money sink, though (all those sourcebooks and miniatures and everything aren’t exactly cheap). At the rate we’re progressing, we’re not likely to need any of that stuff until 2015 at the earliest. It does make for a nice break from the law school grind, and doesn’t require nearly the time investment that most video games do.

Investigating rumors of a death cult

*I’ll let you figure out if I’m ashamed that I was playing D&D, or if I’m ashamed that I hadn’t yet played D&D. Or if I’m merely ashamed that I took almost a month to post about my shame.

**Amazingly, I’ve yet to roll below a 19. I must just be lucky***.

***No, not really. 😦

****Or any other meat that happens to be around. Including freshly slain kobold.


One Comment to “To my great shame…”

  1. “Co-op turned-based strategy” is a pretty good description of tabletop combat.

    The PA-podcast-style play is about what I’d expected and hoped for. We could certainly be a lot more serious and somber about it, but we’re just trying to have fun.

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