Tread on me

by wfgodbold

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in my first semester of law school. Like (presumably) the rest of my classmates, I’m over 21 (the minimum age required to be eligible for a CCW license here). The law building is several miles away from the main campus, so none of us interact with the snot-nosed undergrads.

That doesn’t make it any better when one of those same undergrads goes missing (last Wednesday), only to be found murdered in a pond* (Monday).

Fortunately, the state, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that campuses here are gun-free.

Courtesy Oleg Volk**

Now, violent crime on my campus may be rare (it is; I checked the stats for the last few years, and it’s been uneventful), but that doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t have the right to defend themselves. At the very least, it should be their choice, not some paternalistic legislator with the vapors.

Gawker would have you believe that students are crazed, trigger-happy lunatics ready to attack each other at the slightest provocation; the Register Guard parrots debunked pro-gun control statistics and tries to claim that the mere presence of guns increases the likelihood of “gun death” or injury (somehow I’ve carried for more than a year and yet no “gun death” or injury has happened near me; I must be doing it wrong, I guess).

In the first year after the not-exactly “gun death”-free District of Columbia was forced to comply with the Constitution and allow residents to own guns, homicides fell by 9%. In the year after Virginia rescinded its ban on carrying in bars and restaurants, gun crime at those locations fell by 5.2% (despite claims that blood would run in the streets). In the first six months of this year (as compared to the first six months of last year), there were 14% fewer murders in Chicago (once again, despite claims that the Wild West would return).

Every time a gun-free zone ceases to be so, the gun control advocates wail and gnash their teeth about blood in the streets.

And, every time, it doesn’t happen.

Only a few states allow carry of any kind on their campuses; Students for Concealed Carry on Campus are doing what they can to change that, though it seems it’s an uphill battle.

And via Jake, I learned of another student who, merely because he didn’t happen to be on campus at the time, was able to defend himself; at this point, that’s all anyone at my school is limited to, as well.

Since coming back to school, I’ve complied with the law and haven’t carried while on campus. I didn’t like it, but it’s still the law.

Now I’m more convinced than ever that this law must be changed.

*I’ve been sitting on these links for a while, but this incident finally prompted me into writing.

**Used with permission; for more, visit A Human Right (or Oleg Volk’s blog).


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