Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – Maguro

by wfgodbold

In Althouse’s thread on the news that the Obama administration will ignore* the subpoena for Solyndra documents, he said;

Most transparent, ethical administration evah!

I concur. Between this and running guns to Mexican drug gangs to build up support for domestic gun control**, they’re doing a bang up job.

*Since when can you just flat out ignore subpoenas? I thought that was the whole damn point?

**BTW CNN (and WSJ, for that matter), it wasn’t a “botched probe.” Repeating it doesn’t make it true***.

***Unless by botched they mean it was actually found out. If it was supposed to be under the radar, and now it’s manifestly not, then that’s pretty damn botched.****

****I don’t actually have a fourth note; consider this a botched footnote. 😦


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