To the makers of Super Tanooki Skin 2D (and all other otherwise pointless ideological games)

by wfgodbold

If you’re going to waste my time with a game promoting your viewpoint, at least try to make the game an actual, you know, game.

Not a lame one-button “platformer” on rails. PETA, you got ripped off by the programmers.

The anti-human group’s new cause du jour is apparently the tanuki, Japan’s raccoon dog. I guess they’re killed for their fur?

Anyway, their main beef is that Mario teaches kids it’s okay to wear fur because he runs around in a tanuki suit. Which is patently ridiculous; Mario’s “tanuki suit” consists of ears and a tail, and they let him fly.

That’s right, kids! Go out in the woods, kill a tanuki, skin it, wear the skin like a hat, and you too can gain its mystical flying powers!

Even setting that aside, who cares if kids learn from the Mario games that it’s okay to wear fur?

Guess what, PETA?


It’s not a crime.

It’s not even immoral.

Your attempts at attention grabbing and shaming are pathetic (well, I suppose the attention grabbing is working out okay for you).

Besides, why are you all hot and bothered over the tanuki suit? In that very same game, Mario runs around in a frog suit that lets him jump higher and swim faster.

Why do you think it’s okay for Mario to kill frogs and prance around in their skin?


2 Comments to “To the makers of Super Tanooki Skin 2D (and all other otherwise pointless ideological games)”

  1. All publicity is good publicity. The fact that you took the time to blog about it means PETA have succeeded from a marketing perspective. Wether you agree with their cause or not, even if the game is completely shit, you’re still spreading their message by directing people to the site.

    • I think PETA is at the point where the publicity they get does them more harm than good.
      The off-the-wall stuff they do might get them in the papers and on the internet, but it’s not going to convince anyone who wasn’t already a true believer.

      Especially when they attack beloved childhood memories for no reason at all.

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