Occupy? Or Destruct?

by wfgodbold

The more I think about it, the more the Occupy Wall Street crowd and their clarion call for the people to “Occupy!” reminds me of a book in one of my favorite SF series: The Childe Cycle* by Gordon R. Dickson (sadly unfinished; cancer is a bitch).

In the first (in the series timeline, not published first) book, Necromancer, the cry of the Chantry Guild, a group attempting to overthrow the stagnating earth government, was “Destruct!”

Only through destruction could man destroy the computer-oriented society on earth, and only by using the Guild’s Alternate Laws.

It’s a mashup of ESP and SF, and gets a bit weird at times (not that weird, though; it was written in 1962).

But the various Occupy movements, the rioting, the calls for less automation because of the jobs stolen, reminds me more of the Chantry’s Guild’s motto than anything else.


*Dorsai!, the first book in the series, was Dickson’s take on military SF and published the year after Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. They’re very different takes on the subject, and I recommend both. That said, my favorite book in the cycle is Tactics of Mistake.

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