The wailing and gnashing of teeth of gun banners is music to my ears

by wfgodbold

I’m looking at you, Josh Horowitz (of CSGC infamy).

He starts off his screed by defining “mass murder” as killing three or more. In typical Humpty Dumpty fashion, that’s not what mass murder is. According to the FBI, it’s four or more.

Horowitz goes on to whine about the evil NRA and how we’ll soon enter an era of forced reciprocity!

Just like we’ve had for driver’s licenses for decades, I guess.

In 2004, there were ~40,000 automobile deaths in the US. In that same year, there were ~10,000 homicides committed with firearms (not that you’re any more dead if you’re shot than if you’re stabbed, bludgeoned, suffocated, poisoned, exsanguinated, hanged, or electrocuted). So in 2004, 1/4 as many people were shot to death as were killed in a car accident; considering that there are roughly twice as many privately owned guns as there are cars, that doesn’t exactly paint the dangerous picture the gun banners want you to see.*

He then goes on to outright lie, saying, “. . . demented individuals like Jared Loughner and Nidal Malik Hasan continue to legally buy guns and carry them in our communities.”

First off, Loughner did not legally buy his gun. He committed a felony when he lied on his Form 4473. Similarly, Hasan did not legally carry his gun into Fort Hood; military bases are gun-free zones, and privately owned guns on base are required to be unloaded and locked for transport to/from the armory (when not actually locked in the armory) (as I understand it).

Tam is right (and so is Joe); we’ve come a long way since the the ’94 AWB.

It’s much easier to make your case when you don’t have to worry about telling the truth.

*Stats cribbed from google searches and wikipedia; caveat lector.


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