You damn kids and your video game war crimes!

by wfgodbold

There oughta be a law!

While it’s undisputed that the Red Cross does good work, this move can only backfire on them:

“In line with the Conference’s aim of strengthening IHL, the event aims at achieving a common understanding of the problem and outlining a course of action whereby the Movement could help reduce these ‘virtual’ — yet very realistic — violations of IHL,” according to the group. “One possible course of action could be to encourage game designers/producers to incorporate IHL in the development and design of video games, while another could be to encourage governments to adopt laws and regulations to regulate this ever-growing industry.”

This calls to mind the huge fracas three years ago when one of the quests in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion had you torture a prisoner to get information.

Look. Torture and war crimes are awful. No one disputes that.

But games are not real.

No one is actually being tortured. Or is actually the victim of a war crime.

Theoretically this would never fly in the US (after all, video games are speech), but that’s never stopped legislators before.


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